Professor Constantin D. Stephanou, Chairman of the Executive Board of the Foundation of AKSS welcomed the Annual Meeting of the European Group of Public Law (EGPL) 2015 which was launched today at the premises of Anargyrios and Korgialenios School of Spetses.

This meeting is dedicated to the celebration of 100 years since the birth of Massimo Severo Giannini on “The New Economic Governance / La Nouvelle Gouvernance économique européenne”.

European Group of Public Law:
A leading network in European Public Law

The European Group of Public Law (EGPL), a European network of judges, jurists, law academics and practitioners, was formed in 1989 with the purpose of advancing and directing the development of European Public Law.

The EGPL proposed the initiatives that led to the establishment of the European Public Law Organization (EPLO), such as the European Review of Public Law, currently constituting the main publication of the EPLO. The EGPL serves as the EPLO’s scientific advisory body offering recommendations, as well as essential feedback on the activities, while evaluating the information accumulated through the activities in respect to its applications and effects on a political and sociological context. Since its formation, the EGPL has held annual conferences operating under the title “EGPL Annual Reunion” where its members present and discuss their reports on a collectively chosen topic. These reports are published in the European Review of Public Law. Throughout more than twenty years of pioneering work dedicated to the development of European Public Law, the EGPL has gradually expanded its membership uniting today 234 judges, jurists, law academics and practitioners, leading figures in their field, appointed in the government sector such as the Council of Europe, the European Commission, the Conseil d’Etat of France, Constitutional and High Courts, comprising one of the most innovative and successful legal associations worldwide.



Welcome address by Prof. C. Stephanou, president of the AKSS Foundation and holder of the 1st Jean Monnet chair in EU Law.

(From left to right)

Mladen Ivanic, Serbian Member of the rotating presidency of the Republic of Bosnia-Herzegovina,Constitutional Lawyer.

Werner Meng, former director of the Europa Institute University of Saar.

Leszlo Trocsanyi, Prof.of Public Law, Minister of Justice of the Republic of Hungary.

C. Stephanou, Holder of the 1st Jean Monnet chair in EU Law, President of the AKSS Foundation.

Spyridon Flogaitis, Proffesor, former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Greece.