Message of the President of the Foundation

Professor Constantine Stephanou

In last year’s message for the New Year I had announced the planning for 2015 and it is therefore appropriate to begin with a brief account of the follow-up. In the context of the gradual upgrading of the Spetses school / conference compound, the first stage was completed in record time with the transformation of 30 single and double rooms in building C to the highest standards.

As a result, not only did we keep the past conferences running – we also received new requests, filling almost all the gaps for the next summer season. We have also initiated discussions with academic and professional institutions in order to extend the period of operation of the compound to the rest of the year.

Simultaneously, in 2015 we launched the project of the refurbishment of the Anargyros Mansion – a jewel in the town of Spetses. I am now in a position to announce that, thanks to the financial support of ALPHABANK and the Onassis Foundation, the studies that are required for the granting of the necessary permits have been submitted. I avail myself of this opportunity to congratulate and extend my personal thanks to the Secretary General of the Foundation Mr. Petrakopoulos for the excellent coordination and supervision of the Foundation’s technical projects.

This year’s planning involves among other things the completion of the administrative process for the inclusion of the construction of the Auditorium behind building A in the list of EU co-financed projects. It also involves bringing closer to implementation the project of the new Lyceum (Grammar School) of Spetses, based on the urban development plan of the Anargyrios compound approved by the Municipal Council.

Finally, I would like to inform you about our current efforts aimed at securing the necessary financial resources to cover the cost of the refurbishment of the Anargyros Mansion and its transformation into an International Cultural Centre. This fairly advanced project, with a cost estimate of 2,5 million euros, will provide employment opportunities to dozens of Spetses inhabitants and, upon its completion, its cultural activities will attract high-income art-lovers from all over the world. Thus, three properties of the Foundation – the Spetses school / conference compound, the Anargyros Mansion and the Poseidon Hotel, run by the Spetses Initiative plc. (Vordonis family), will constitute the three pillars of the tourist development of Spetses. Happy New Year to all !

30 January 2016