A.K.S.S. grove

The AKSS Grove is administratively part of the Municipality of Spetses, N. Piraeus, and is supervised by the Poros Forestry Resource.

It has a perimeter of 32.5 km, 7 km of which are on the beach. The whole area of the grove is reflected in detailed topographic signs, marked with hundreds of concrete pillars that were installed in the 70’s.

Both in the past and today, small extensions of third party properties have been attempted at the expense of the Foundation’s forest. The expansionist aspirations of various neighboring owners have recently been intensified by the frightening increase in the value of the land. Various lawsuits are pending between the Foundation and third parties challenging the boundaries.

The Aleppo pine (Pinetum halepensis) is the main type of vegetation with a subsoil consisting of spruce, sawdust, heather, arbutus, wild olives, locusts, asparagus, thyme, etc. The most serious danger to the forest is that of fires. The forestry species (Aleppo pine), the existence of dense subsoil shrubs and phrygana, the prolonged dry season, the usually strong south winds, the slightest negligence of walkers, onboarders and hunters, create favorable conditions for hunting.

Due to the importance of the forest for the economic development of the island, and not only, the prevention of potential fires is a primary concern of every competent body. In this regard, the Foundation, despite the financial constraints and laid the foundations for the creation of a fire protection network of the forest. In the past, the forest of the Foundation was a field of economic activity for a part of the island’s society (resin cultivation, lime production, charcoal production, grazing, firewood, etc.). Today, due to the change in the economic context of the island (tourism) and climate change, a different approach to the management and regeneration of the forest is required, with the aim of protecting it as much as possible, in the logic of a sustainable development model for the island and its society.

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