Accomodation Buildings

Building B’

In the bright open space of the neoclassical Building B the Anargyrios and Korgialenios School of Spetses as prestigious boarding school has been providing services during the past decades. It has since been renovated and now houses resident facilities for our guests.


Building B operates exclusively as a place of hospitality for visitors, offering a total of 33 rooms of varying capacity (6 of them have private bathrooms and all the others have shared bathrooms). In particular, the ground floor includes 9 rooms (4 double rooms and 5 double to quadruple rooms) and the first and second floor of the building, 16 rooms each (double and quadruple rooms) with corresponding air-conditioning system and sanitation requirements, aiming to ergonomics and comfort.

In addition, Building B has a newly equipped utility room, for daily service to guests.

Building C’

Building C, having recently undergone full renovation, provides 28 single rooms (4 of them have a bunk bed plus), 10 double rooms, offering on 2 floors a luxurious resident hall for the guests, all rooms equipped with air conditioning.

Furthermore, on the ground floor of Building C, the guest finds an autonomous leisure room, which includes board games, satellite TV and piano, for those seeking creative activities during their leisure hours, while relaxing and developing social contacts.

In the wide corridor of the building are placed two ping-pong tables.
In Building C of the complex of the School, the visitor can find our library , which contains a great collection of 5,000 old versioned books.

The reader has the opportunity to leaf through rare and important books of Greek – French – English Literature, to study classical literature, to indulge in such fields as geography, Educational Studies, History, Classical Studies, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Medicine, and reference material (encyclopaedias, dictionaries and old magazines).

Nearby, there are the Library of Greek Overseas’ children of the School and two Exhibition Rooms, dedicated to the founder of Anargyrios and Korgialenios School of Spetses, Sotirios Anargyros. The personal grand piano of the founder is available in the “Europe” room, which is for hosting special events, having a capacity of more than 70.  The relics  found in the Europe room take the visitor back through decades passed, highlighting the old operation and glamour of the School and rendering a nostalgic atmosphere.

Building D’

Building D offers a total of 49 rooms of various capacity. 38 of them are single rooms, 8 of them are double and quadruple rooms (with shared bathrooms) and 3 of them are apartments with private bathroom.

It is located on the west side of the compartment towards the street, and is of a unique structure due to its multiple functions.

On the ground floor:
—  The East Unit has a private entrance, four administration offices and the recently renovated Library
—   On the West, there is the Unit of Hospital of the School (pink color), also having its own entrance.

On the 1st Floor:
—  A double bed apartment with private bathroom and kitchen~33 m²
—  Α 6 bed dorm ~37 m²
—  3 quadruple rooms ~33 m² one of which with a WC
—  Α triple dorm ~23 m²
—  A double room~ 20 m²,
—  A warehouse ~19 m²,
Shared sanitary appliances and washbasins

On the 2nd floor:

—  A fully equipped Apartment (Δ1), with a living room, two bedrooms, a bathroom and a kitchen ~84m²
—  A fully equipped Apartment (Δ2), with one living room, three bedrooms, two bathrooms and a kitchen ~103 m²
—  A fully equipped Apartment (Δ3), with one living room, one bedroom, one bathroom and a kitchen ένα διαμέρισμα (Δ3) ~72 m²
—  Two 6 bed dorms ~35 m² each with shared bathroom
—  A double bed room ~ 14 m²
—  A big area~58 m² where original personal items and furniture of S. Anargyros have been placed

The areas are connected with a corridor (width: 4m) and a staircase.

The condition of the Administration Unit and the Library is good, and of the rest of the Units moderate. Notice that at the time of the writer’s visit, the Hospital Unit was not possible to be visited and there is no mapping of the building.

Building E’