Conference Venues

Building A

Building A, is the central building of the main complex, also known as a Dedaktirio (School). It has an area of approximately 1,140m² at the upper floors and about 1.335m² on the ground floor.

On the ground floor, there is an elongated Auditorium of 130 m² with the capacity of 150 people, suitably equipped to meet the demands of modern conferences, seminars and summer schools. The interior of the Auditorium the audio-visual technical facilities and staff services, define it as one of the most remarkable centres which organize scientific and training activities in Greece.

On the same floor, you can find the Restaurant, which offers flavors of local Greek cuisine to our guests and wonderful sea view.  During the seminars and the conferences, the guests can be served by a canteen.

On the first and second floor of Building A, there are classrooms with different capacities, designed with quality and character and capable of an internal connection to the Amphitheatre (teleconference). In addition, special offices are offered to facilitate the work of the managers and staff of each seminar.

More specifically, the first flour includes:

  •  three large classrooms (one was an old library)of 77 m² to 65 m² each
  • five medium-sized rooms 56 m²to 45 m²
  • four offices ~ 25-30 m² each
  • two small offices ~ 16 m²each

The second floor includes:

  • A small amphitheatre of the Physics department, 65m² ~ 30 seats.
  • A plenary room (144 m²)
  • A large training room (88 m²)
  • Two large classrooms, one 77 m2 and 65 m².
  • Three medium-sized classrooms 56 m² to 45 m².
  • A fully equipped chemistry lab 47 m².
  • Four offices ~ 25-30 m² each

The rooms are developed on either side of a large 4.35 m wide corridor and the vertical communication is achieved via three staircases and a lift.

Particulars of the classrooms are as follows:

                    Classrooms in Building A and their dimensions                       






Number Dimensions mxm Remarks
                                         BUILDING A
1 7.20 x 19.80 Utilised as plenary room
1 10.20 x 7.30
1 10.35 x 7.35
1 8.80 x 7.35
1 7.20 x 9.00
2 7.30 x 6.35
1 8.90 x 6.35
Total number of classrooms = 8