A.K.S.S. grove

The AKSS Grove is administratively part of the Municipality of Spetses, N. Piraeus, and is supervised by the Poros Forestry Resource.

It has a perimeter of 32.5 km, 7 km of which are on the beach. The whole area of the grove is reflected in detailed topographic signs, marked with hundreds of concrete pillars that were installed in the 70’s.

The Aleppo pine (Pinetum halepensis) dominates the area, along with heathers, arbutuses, wild olive trees, carobs, thyme etc.

A common threat for a forest is fire. The Foundation, has taken several firefighting measures, including the installation of water tanks, pumps, and the position of a fire truck, kindly donated by “VIOIATRIKI”, laying the foundations for the creation of a grove fire protection network.

In the past the grove of the Foundation was part of the real economy of the local society of the island (resins cultivations, limekiln, producing charcoal, grazing, firewood etc.)

Today, because of the change in the economic context of the island (tourism) and climate change the regeneration of the grove is a mandatory need aimed to the broadest possible protection, in the logic of a model of sustainable development of the island, and society.