Conference Venues

Conference Venues

The conference facilities of the Anargyrios & Korgialeneos School of Spetses, one of the most historic schools in Greece, cover an area of more than 3.000 sq.m.

In the facilities coexist the modern with the historical, luxury with deep knowledge and the natural environment with new technologies.

With 3 modern auditoriums, 16 autonomous rooms and 2 laboratories supported by a high standard logistical infrastructure, the conference facilities of Anargyrios & Korgialeneos School of Spetses are among the top choices for conducting high quality conferences.

It is not only the magnificent luxury facilities of a bygone era combined with the wonderful natural environment that surrounds them. It is the spirit and history that is pervasive in every part of the island, in every corner of the building and inspires the participants throughout their time there.

Building A’

Building A is the main building of the complex, also known as the Teaching House. It has an area of approximately 1,140sq.m. on the two floors and approximately 1,335sq.m. on the ground floor. On the ground floor, there is an elongated Amphitheatre,130 sq.m. with a capacity of 150 people, suitably equipped to meet the requirements of modern conferences, seminars and summer schools. The interior of the Amphitheatre, the audiovisual techniques and the services provided, define it as one of the most remarkable centers that organize scientific and educational activities in Greece. There are also two medium-sized halls (77 sqm and 65 sqm each).

On the ground floor, you can find the restaurant, which offers local and Greek cuisine, as well as a wonderful view of the sea. On the same floor there is also a canteen, which serves guests during seminars and conferences.

On the first and second floor of Building A, there are rooms of different capacities, designed with quality, character and identity of internal connection with the Amphitheatre (videoconferencing). In addition, fully equipped offices are offered to facilitate the work of the organisers and staff of each seminar.

In particular, on the first floor, there are:

— Three large rooms (one was a library), 77 sq.m. to 65 sq.m. each.
— Five medium sized rooms 56 sq.m. to 45 sq.m.
— Four offices ~ 25-30 sq.m. each.
— Two small offices ~ 16 sq.m. each. and toilets.

On the second floor there are:

— A small physics auditorium, 65 square meters and 30 seats.
— The plenary hall of 144 square meters.
— A very large classroom of 88 square meters.

— Two large classrooms, 77 square meters and 65 square meters respectively.
— Three medium-size rooms of 56 m2 to 45 m2
— One fully equipped Chemistry Laboratory 47 square meters
— Four offices ~ 25-30 sq. m. each. and toilets.

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