Anargyros Mansion

An international team of experts concluded in a prefeasibility report that the Mansion should be transformed into an International Arts Centre where a multi-ethnic group of promissing artists, selected by an an international non governmental organisation, would expose the artifacts produced during their 2-3 month residence at the the Anargyrios School facilites.
The technical studies for the rehabilitation of the Mansion have been commisionned in August-September 2015, for the purpose of obtaining the relevant permit from the Ministry of Culture and subsequently the building permit. A campaign for the financing of rehabilitation works estimated at 2,5 mio euros will be launched by the end of 2015.


The Anargyros Mansion has a long history, about 100 years old and has been closely associated with the turbulent life of the owner and the entire island.

Surrounded with admiration and in the same time the envy of the inhabitants. Opened its doors to welcome kings and kind of personalities of that era. Listened endless discussions about huge historical projects. He saw with horror the leap years of occupation people dispossessed and grab what they found, what he had gathered with effort and love.

The occupation and the first post occupation years housed the municipal authorities and the municipal hospital. Since then spends years of agony and slow death, as the Foundation because of economic hardship, is unable to restore it.


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