Targets Renewed

Renewed and confirmed Targets & Perspectives of “Anargyrios & Korgialenios School of Spetses” for the new period of 2016.

Nikos Fintikakis: Architect, Council Member of the International Union of Architects, President of the Foundation


Panagiotis Hatziperos – Alderman of Attica islands, ex naval Officer, Alumni

Panagiotis Lirakis – Mayor of Spetses

George Kostelenos – Economist, Ex Senior Research Fellow of Planning & Economy

Vassilis Kostopoulos – Attorney, Member of the Environmental International Court

Constantine Makedos – Civil Engineer, President of TSMEDE, Vice President of Attica Bank

Stamatis Paleokrassas – Electrical Engineer, Councilor Inmeritus of the Pedagogical Institute

It constitutes for the new Executive Committee a great honor, responsibility, duty and commitment towards the founder and benefactor Sotirios Anargyros, the alumni and the community of Spetses that the Ministry of “Education, Research and Religions Affairs” has appointed and entrusted the administration of the foundation of ANARGYRIOS AND KORGIALENIOS SCHOOL OF SPETSES.

In accordance with the “ERRAM” Minister’s and Deputy Minister’s decision taken on the 11/07/16, the Anargyrios & Korgialenios School’s Executive Committee was restructured and enriched with distinguished members from both the Greek scientific society and the AKSS alumni, drawing from the rich wells of scientific thought, in order to significantly strengthen the frame of the New Targets and Perspectives of the Foundation, as well as to ensure the transparency of the legal and urban shielding of the Foundation’s assets against any scheming interests.

As the spirit of the great benefactor so today’s social and environmental circumstances mandate the development of the existent educational and cultural goals of the foundation that the foundation become an “Exemplary PanHellenic Cultural, Educational, Tourism and Leisure Center”, as stated in the will of its founder and in accordance with the Award 2359/86 of Court of Appeal of Athens.

Thanks to the inspiration of Eleftherios Venizelos, personal friend of Anargyros, the Hellenic society has inherited a great number of notable alumni, excelling in the fields of education, arts, political science and Architecture. Distinguishing examples of their work are the neoclassic buildings of the School, the surrounding greens, Poseidonion Grand Hotel and the residency of the founder.

The beautiful pine forest and the large green areas surrounding the Anargyrios & Korgialenios School complex show the interaction between nature and the local community, having as a vital core the arts and culture offered by the Foundation.

Moved by the desire of the Anargyros and given the difficult financial circumstances of our country, it is a fundamental priority to utilize, define, and manage the great potential of the assets of the foundation, in an effective and transparent way, in accordance with statute and law.

This has always been a common goal of the Local Authorities of Spetses and the administration of the Foundation that it becomes a key driver of the island’s development and the social cohesion of its citizens, as well as a common platform for the development of dialogue, education, tourism and culture, in synergy with the Hellenic and the International Community.

In this framework, we’ll make a great effort for the establishment of a substantial co-operation and framework contracts with renowned national and international educational institutions and Research & Technology bodies, having as a goal the sustainable interaction of the local community with the Greek and foreign scientific community.

Moreover, effort will be made for the constructive dialogue with the Local Authorities (the municipality of Spetses, associations, and local groups) and with the administrative district of Attica. Furthermore, co-operation with all University linked bodies and other Educational bodies will be sought with regards to Continuing Professional Development programs, in the fields of culture, health, education, technology, innovation, biology, and robotics, as a continuation of Venizelos’ and the founder’s vision. These are areas that we wish to support and highly promote.

The interface between the targets mentioned above reflects the philosophy of ANARGYRIOS AND KORGIALENIOS SCHOOL that over time has edified its exceptional students, now renowned scientists and politicians. To mention but a few, the architects Yannis Xenakis  and Kosmas Xenakis, their brother, philosopher Jason Xenakis, who developed pioneering compositional methods interlocking music, architecture, math and physics, seeking for an “ideal and just society”, as described by Plato in his “Republic”.

The basic tool for the accomplishment of our goals is the “Lob der Dialektik” from the “Wer zu Hause bleibt, wenn der Kampf beginnt”, by Bertolt Brecht, a source of inspiration for the Xenaki brothers, that may be transmuted for the purpose of “cultivating the opinion of the active observer”, depicting in the best way the vision of Eleftherios Venizelos and the great benefactor, Sotirios Anargyros.

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