Lipids, proteins and their interactions in organelle biology

Spetses Island, Greece
Sunday May 29 – Saturday June 4, 2022

Biological membranes are complex structures that vary considerably in composition depending on their functions and location in the cell. A full understanding of the structural and compositional complexity of membranes, their biogenesis and their function requires multidisciplinary approaches, and thus co-operative research efforts from biochemists, biophysicists, structural biologists, geneticists and molecular and cell biologists. This course will bring together a unique set of top scientists covering this broad field in membrane and organelle biology. In addition to scholarly scientific lectures, the program also contains, as an essential element, various mentoring sessions on work–life balance, career planning, and responsible conduct of science. Moreover, the program will allow for up to 25 young scientist participants to give short oral presentations of their work. Most importantly, a small and friendly atmosphere is built to enable extensive discussions and networking opportunities between the trainees and the lecturers.

Organizers: Eefjan Breukink, Maya Schuldiner, Ulrich Hartl

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