EPIET/EUPHEM introductory course

18 Sep – 16 Oct 2016 Organized by: ECDC

EPIET/EUPHEM introductory course initiates the fellowship cycle for EPIET and EUPHEM cohort 2016

EPIET and EUPHEM fellows were selected for the fellowship according to precise selection criteria. They should be aware about field epidemiology and public health microbiology (competency level 2). The introductory course should give them the right amount of induction so that they can reach a level by which they could practice under guidance (competency level 3) while the remainder of the fellowship should take them to autonomous practice (competency level 4).

The course in major part of the EPIET/EUPHEM programmes curriculum. The content of the course was validated over the years. The 2014 edition will build on what was conducted in previous years, taking into account feedback from previous evaluations which was that we need to identify ways to improve process for the protocol work, including working on more than one protocol and starting the work earlier during the course.

More http://ecdc.europa.eu

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