ITN-WALL Marie Curie School on Domain Walls and Spintronics

September 12-17 2016

The WALL Summer School on magnetic domain walls and spintronics will be held in Spetses Island, Greece. The aim of this school is to introduce participants to recent advances in magnetic domain wall dynamics, with special focus on interfacial and spin-orbit interactions, creep regime dynamics, effects of disorder, and electric field and light induced domain wall motion. In addition, the school will feature lectures on topics from interdisciplinary fields which could relate to domain wall dynamics, such as synthetic antiferromagnets, topological insulators and skyrmions.

Participants will have an opportunity to network with invited speakers and ITN WALL principal investigators, while also presenting their own research as part of the RapidTalks series or poster sessions.

Scope and Themes:

  • The summer school will build on the ITN-WALL project, focusing on topics being studied by WALL researchers and drawing on recent advances in related areas of research.
  • The summer school will feature four themes:
  • Interfacial and spin-orbit effects on domain wall motion (including effects such as interfacial Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction, Spin Hall effect and the Rashba effect).
  • Creep and disorder in domain wall motion
  • Electric field and light induced magnetization dynamics.
  • Synthetic antiferromagnets, topological insulators, and spin waves.


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